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                  Descriptions of Classical String Orchestra  Publications
Click the link above to view the score and listen to midi samples of the works that follow)

  All selections include a 3rd Violin part as addition or substitute for viola.  

Grade 2

  • Old MacDonald Takes a Trip- is a novelty theme and variations as Old Mac travels around the globe only
    to return back the "good-old" USA for some blue grass and jazz.

  • Rondino-is a brief, contemporary sounding selection using rondo form with quartal harmonies featuring
    open strings. Rhythms are kept simple. All parts remain in 1st position. This should make for an exciting
    program “opener.”

Grade 3

  • Adagio-Symphony No. 3,by Camille Saint Saëns Consider this as a warm-up selection for your next  spring
    festival.  It contains a beautiful melody in a sustained legato style.  Use this arrangement to reinforce
    intonation concepts and  foster close watching of the conductor in this most expressive piece.

  • Sedona Suite  is in four movements:  Broken Arrow, In A Pink Jeep, Tlaquepaque, and Pride of the Hopi.  It
    reflects the beauty of the landscape, a thrilling experience driving on the rocks, a walk down one of the
    exclusive shopping malls, and a tribute to the Native-American Hopi’s who reside in this area.   

  • A Waltz for Frosty has optional percussion parts playable by members within the string class.  It has a
    catchy melody that is a standard ABA form.  This wll delite your holiday crowds.

  • Happy Birthday To You has been recently declared public domain and may be used in all settings to celebrate
    someone's special day. This arrangement is a novelty theme and variations that utilizes several melodies from the
    classical musical repertoire. Challenge your audience to “name that tune”.  A Violin 3 part is included to support
    the Viola section.

Grade 4

  • Achieved Is His Glorious Work from the Creation by Franz Josef Haydn, is arranged for string orchestra.  
    This contrapuntal, yet melodious, work will challenge your students rhythmically.  It is also ideal for small
    string groups lacking a balanced instrumentation as the cello doubles the bass throughout.  A third violin
    part is included to bolster the viola section.

  • Chopin All-Time Favorites- contains the most memorable melodies from the piano repertoire of this
    composer.  The simplified keys of D and G Major and their relative minors make this playable by advanced
    middle school and high school groups.  Some of the pianistic ornamentation is cued into the accompanying
    piano part with ossia parts in the strings.

  • Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves -from Nabucco, by Giuseppi Verdi (piano required) is a string arrangement
    of this all-time Italian opera favorite.  The passion, and demand for an encore by the audience during the
    performance of this choral selection at the opera in Verona, in the summer of 2003, gave me the
    inspiration to create this arrangement for high school string students.  While the work is a grade 4, those
    directors who seek a bit more of a challenge will perform the five measure introduction that is otherwise

  • Moods and Variations - is a set of two themes set in a contemporary style reminiscent of the materials
    found in the spring festival repertoire.  The lyrical melodies are transformed into exciting variations that
    employ syncopation and odd meters yet remain playable by mid-level groups.

  • Mass in G-by Franz Schubert-is scored for solo violin and strings.  Three of the most melodius movements
    have been selected so that the director may choose one, or multiple soloists to feature during a concert.

  • How Lovely Is thy Dwelling Place is a transcription of this classical vocal setting from the Brahms
    Requiem. ;This choral masterpiece will delight your audiences and provide students with an understanding
    of the wondrous harmonies from one of the all-time favorite classical geniuses. While parts remain mostly
    in first position, the independent lines and rhythmic elements will challenge medium to advanced students.
    Grade 4

    Other Classical String Compositions (available from and local music dealers)

  • The Star Spangles Banner, an FJH publication for young string orchestra that works equally well for more
    advanced groups.  It uses the official Military District of Washington walking bass line familiar to people in
    that area.

  • A Festival Of Lights- Chanukah Medley published by Alfred-Highland Etling

  • Chanukah Oh Chanukah- is a Carl Fischer 2003 publication.  It is the traditional folk song that opens with
    a featured violin soloist.  If out of print contact Caputo Music

  • Fun Tunes for Strings -is a collection of familiar folk songs is scheduled to be  available from Carl Fischer
    in the fall of 2003. These are the usual tunes found in most method books but with contemporary and folk
    accompaniments supplied on the accompanying CD.  Use this to supplement your current method book
    and to motivate students to practice at home.  Carl Fischer Info

  • Classical Concerto Miniatures- set of 4: Spinning Song-Ellmenreich, Sonatina-Clementi, Musette-Bach,
    and Minuet in G-Beethoven. Published by Wingert-Jones. We all have piano students in our classes, or
    "walking the halls," who should be in our orchestras. Feature these musicians by allowing them to perform
    as soloists with your string orchestra. These selections are part of the basic piano repertoire learned by
    most intermediate level piano students.                  

  • Viola Bridges Don’t Fall Down- plays on the folk tune, London Bridges Falling Down.  Published by
    Wingert-Jones. It is Viola section feature number that highlights this less popular instrument.  It is easy
    enough for an elementary orchestra to perform or equally useful  for recruiting concerts at the feeder
    elementary or middle school.  Wingert Jones Publications

  • A Suite of Three Madrigals is published by Alfred Music and contains the ever popular  Now Is The Month of
    Maying, Sing We and Chant It, and Fair Phyullis.  The arrangement is for SATB choir with strings or strings alone.
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