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                                    Descriptions of Jazz Ensemble  Publications
     Click the link above to view the score and listen to midi samples of the works that follow)

             Ranges are limited so that these charts are playable by most middle school ensembles.
            A suggested solo is  always included for those students who are new to improvisation.

      Grade 3
  • The Star Spangled Banner is a one-chorus utility arrangement useful when your jazz ensemble
    is called upon to perform the anthem at a community or patriotic event.  It is in the Kenton
    style but well within the ranges of most high school, and some middle school,  jazz ensembles.

  • Thank Hank is a tribute to one of my greatest teachers, Hank Levy.  Hank's use of odd meters
    for the Kenton and Don Ellis Bands were revolutionary in the late 70's.  It opens with a chorale
    section, goes to a seventies-type 4/4 rock feel with a two measure 7/8 extension.  The solo
    section uses three dorian scale patterns and should be valuable as a teaching tool.  It is
    playable by most middle and high school groups with optional trumpet ranges.  

     Grade 4
  • Last Bone Ballad provides an opportunity to showcase your bass 'bone player who is often
    overlooked.  This easy bossa ballad has some background solos for trumpet and alto sax that
    compliment this memorable melody.  Be sure to include this in your feeder school concerts to
    promote the instrument.

  • Let's Go Bass Fishin' is a feature for the jazz bassist in your ensemble. There is space for
    improvisation on this folksy tune for the soloist and other members of the ensemble.

  • Bari's Tune is the same chart as Let's Go Bass Fishin' where the baritone sax replaces the jazz

     Grade 4 1/2

  • Chanukah Medley for Jazz Band contains some of the most popular Jewish folk songs associated with
    this holiday. Included in the medley are Maoz Tzur, Oseh Shalom, Svivon,Mi Yamaiel, Chanukah,   and
    My Dreydl.  a chorale, funk style, and jazz swing are all included to give your students a workout.