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                                 Descriptions of Materials and Methods for Band, Jazz and Strings
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  • The Rhythm and Note Detective- is designed to work as a primer and supplement for any beginning method book. While there
    are many fine band and string method books available, the Rhythm and Note Detective acts as a “reading primer,” and addresses
    the task of learning to read simple notes and rhythms.  It is a home-practice helper to be used within, or outside, of the classroom
    setting.  It serves as a supplementary tutor, especially for those students who exhibit music-reading difficulties. The play along
    CD provides a stimulus for home practicing and for isolating the problem of rhythm and note reading.  The first six notes of the
    Bb scale, D-B for strings, are introduced with a great deal of repetition yet with a variety of classical and pop-musical styles to
    accompany each exercise.   

    There are those students who immediately fall behind when they use the traditional method book because they are unable to deal
    with the multiple-tasks of learning to read music, and the mechanics and fundamentals of learning to play an instrument.  Those
    students, who are “reading ready,” as a result of piano or other musical instruction, immediately pull ahead of those who are
    struggling to read music.  Most method books are unable to address this issue as they tend to introduce more complex rhythmic
    patterns and new notes before the beginning student can absorb the basic note recognition and simple rhythmic patterns.  I prefer
    to use the Rhythm and Note Detective for several weeks as an introductory text allowing for an easier transition into the method

  • My First Fake Book For Band and Classroom Instruments- is a collection of 24 familiar songs that use no more than six notes.
    The accompanying CD will motivate students to practice at home and perform their own recitals for family and friends.  The
    titles are not printed in the music but are listed on the CD insert to allow teachers to arrange for prizes for the students who are
    first to identify the 24 selections.  Chord symbols are supplied so that teachers can begin to teach simple improvisation and
    perform background piano accompaniments during the learning stages at slower tempos than are provided on the CD. Ranges for
    band are Bb to D, and for classroom instruments, G to E.  The string version uses a range from D to B and is published by Carl
    Fischer.    See Fun Tunes for Strings..  Carl Fischer Info

  • Jazz Standards Fake Book- The purpose of this collection is to provide students with an opportunity to extend their home
    practicing beyond the traditional fundamentals, exercises, and etudes as outlined for them by their private and/or school teachers.
    This volume allows the student to experience some of the greatest songs ever written.  Just as the music of Bach. Beethoven, and
    Brahms, has lasted over the years, so will these 20 pieces contained in “The Great American Song Book.” After You've Gone to...
    You Made Me Love You."  The CD accompaniments support the development of good intonation, rhythm security, and allow the
    student to improvise the second chorus after performing the head on the first time through.  

  • Warm-ups and Daily Maintenance for Brass for Brass Instruments- may be found in the Brass Section of this website   
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